Homecare - Elderly Care and Home Nursing

Feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for someone? Are you struggling with your own self-care just to manage the daily living of another? Feeling self-doubt and guilt in your own capability of being a personal care assistant, nurse and therapist to someone else?

Taking care of someone is both physically and mentally demanding which could cause caregiver burnout. Therefore, we know all too well the stress that one would face when they’re not ready or capable to provide such care to someone else.

It could also be the case that we simply feel that another expert might be able to do a better job of caring for a loved one. Whatever the reason may be, Locum Home was built with the understanding of meeting your needs in getting certified home care assistance in a faster, easier and safer way.

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Home Nursing

We believe that quality nursing care should be accessible to everyone, anywhere and at any time. As much as we may love to be around our elderly parents or sick family members, our daily responsibilities may take us far away.

Locum Home allows you to arrange professional home-based and instant care at the comforts of your own home or at the home of a loved one. Our home care nursing services allow you to save your time and money so those recovering can focus on getting better. This can also benefit chronic condition patients who need regular or urgent care. Our certified doctors and nurses will bring specialized care to your doorstep to support you with care, medication management and also take note of your living conditions to ensure that you get the best and suitable care for your needs.

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Home Elderly Care

Our certified nurses and caregivers are here to assist your caregiving journey. Having professional care will ensure that your senior loved ones get the care that they need and deserve without compromising your well-being. Find comfort with us through our share of understanding and our support in your caregiving journey.

Let Locum Home relieve your stress in caring for your elderly loved ones. Senior care can be tricky for someone who is not well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide such care. This is due to the fact that seniors are more likely to develop multiple chronic conditions, may have underlying comorbidities, and also may require medical attention. Caregivers are mostly expected to be present round-the-clock to monitor and assist in any sudden needs. Meanwhile, our trained nurses can help with medication, wound care, NGT feedings and more.