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Confinement Homecare

Confinement homecare or confinement centres? Confinement homecare provides mothers a healthy and restorative journey into motherhood while delivering certified postnatal care for their newborns right in your home.

In Malaysian society, some mothers are encouraged to check themselves into confinement centres, or alternatively, adopt traditional confinement practices in the comforts of their home. However, there are concerns that arise from each side.

For those who wish to find a confinement nurse at home, it can be a confusing journey to find the right confinement nurse. Adopting traditional practices at home can be difficult and confusing for mother's to make a sound judgement.

Confinement centres are perceived to be expensive and a privilege that many are not able to afford. Sometimes, it can also be seen as a foreign place that may not be as comfortable as being at the comforts of your own home.

Locum Home lets you achieve the best of both worlds.

The time after giving birth can be a stressful period as mothers juggle having a newborn baby to care for while recovering from the birth process. We are the first application where we help families and new mothers get connected with experienced or qualified staff to provide you with faster, easier and safer confinement care in the comforts of your own home.

Whether you need a medically qualified nurse, or simply an experienced caregiver for your baby, Locum Home connects you to a variety of specialists according to service type. Opt for a post-natal check-up for your baby or even a gentle massage for the baby to get their blood flowing.

Locum Home allows you to book an experienced nurse or doctor who can check on the mother’s health, remove stitches, care for wounds and carry out basic medical assessments on the mom.

For mothers looking to try traditional care such as bengkung or post-partum massage, Locum Home gives you access to a range of professionals. For pre-partum mothers prior to the arrival of the baby, basic checkups can be arranged along with massages for swelling feet.

Faster, Easier, and Safer Confinement Homecare

Locum Home aims to be the quickest and most convenient option for your confinement homecare needs, helping you make decisions with confidence and peace of mind.

We believe that every mother should have choices on their confinement needs without compromising on quality and care. Mothers should be able to enjoy and share the joy of a newborn with their loved ones with the security of reliable confinement homecare. Fathers are also relieved of postpartum burdens that might be induced from separation anxiety with their partner, sudden financial expectations and adjustment into fatherhood.

Faster - Get faster, on-demand care by our medically certified doctors and nurses and experienced caregivers who are experienced in providing medical care to both mothers and newborns.

Easier - Find confinement nannies and confinement ladies easily through searches on our mobile app, Locum Home.

Safer - Store your medical records on the app for the safe sharing of information. Worry less and instead, enjoy your new addition to your family with our transparent services and prices, providing a financially secure option for all mothers.