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Therapy Homecare

Are you in need of physiotherapy for body pain, sports injuries, and stroke rehabilitation? Locum Home brings these homecare services to your doorstep.

Along with physiotherapy, if other therapies are required, be it speech therapy, stroke therapy, or occupational therapy, you can have certified and experienced therapists see to your healthcare needs in your own home! Not forgetting the importance of your mental health, Locum Home can also provide you with mental therapy with qualified mental health professionals.

Shoulder Pain - Knee Pain - Body Pain - Sprained joints - Stiff Joints - Stroke Rehab

What is physiotherapy?

Did you know that physiotherapy is often perceived to be needed only when one’s either in pain or after a serious injury? These are just a few common misconceptions people have for physiotherapy which is a treatment provided by physical therapists that’s equipped with the knowledge of the function and mobility of the body as well as hands on clinical skills to help with the ability to maintain, educate and restore your physical health.

Sports Injuries - Groin Pull - Tennis Elbow - Knee Injuries - Tendonitis - Stress Fractures

Are you a stroke patient? Experience long hours of sitting? Have back pain, a frozen shoulder? Suffering from a sports injury? Or perhaps you are a heart attack patient, or looking for physiotherapy post-surgery?

Other than chronic and severe conditions, everyone can benefit from a physiotherapy session or two. Physiotherapists can help enhance your quality of life by accessing your lifestyle to provide physical treatment and exercise approaches to help with your body movement and function so you can perform your daily activities with ease and independently. The therapy provided can help ease pain and increase movements impaired by sports injuries, frozen joints, and more.

You’ll be surprised by the big difference it’ll make by just simply fixing something as minor as your sitting posture. Usually, by the time one realizes that they need physiotherapy, they may already be facing issues with pain, mobility and weakness which could have been prevented if they’ve gone for an earlier check-up with a physiotherapist.

Do you have a wound? Maybe you need Nursing Care instead?

What is mental therapy?

Mental health is your psychological, cognitive, and emotional well-being. Despite the significant stigma attached to mental health, it is important in every stage of our lives, from childhood and adolescence to adulthood. According to the CDC (Centres For Disease Control and Prevention), it has been recorded that 1 in every 5 adults experiences at least one mental health condition every year. With mental therapy, you can increase productivity, enhance your self-image, and improve your relationships. Mental therapy also improves daily functioning as well as helps individuals control and combat some of the physical health problems that are directly linked to mental health conditions, such as how heart disease is linked to stress.

Speech therapy - Swallowing Difficulty - Late Talkers - Psychiatry - Autism - Counselling

Is your child a late talker? Are you experiencing stress at work or study? Need speech therapy for swallowing difficulties? Or, do you have a loved one suffering from anxiety?

From having trouble at school to dealing with disorders, mental health professionals can guide you every step of the way. In providing treatment plans, techniques you can practice on your own, or simply giving an ear to listen and a space to comfortably share your worries, you can be assured that you can get the support you need. Mental or occupational therapy aside, some of us may need speech therapy.

Speech therapy covers communication and speech problems, as well as swallowing problems. This therapy is used to help children and adults who may be late-talkers or experiencing difficulty in communicating or understanding speech. Another area that speech therapy helps in is swallowing difficulties in adults and children. This also helps stroke patients, as well as patients with neurological conditions like brain injuries.

Having the flexibility to choose your own type of therapy home care is what Locum Home offers!

Speedier, more convenient and high quality care at home is really the key to an individual wellbeing and recovery. Many Malaysians are tempted to delay or skip their therapy sessions which causes a delay in recovery or even the worsening of their current symptoms that may affect other parts of their body. To counter that, Locum Home allows you to hire certified medical staff so you can receive the utmost qualified care for your needs with confidence and peace of mind.

Faster Get faster treatment by our medically certified physiotherapists, or any other kind of therapists, who are trained to provide a personalized therapy plan to re-energize your body and mind to its full potential.

Easier Start restoring or work on maintaining your mobility in body and mind to regain confidence and independence. Looking for a physical, rehabilitation, or mental therapist can be as easy as just a tap of a button.

Safer If you have joint mobility issues, we understand that going to a physiotherapy centre can be difficult and dangerous. Enjoy less pain and even fewer worries for your health with our transparent prices and safe services, all within your own home.