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Dietary Care

Do you have a loved one under dietary restrictions after coming out of surgery? Or, perhaps you would like to have a a good diet plan for your diabetes? Maybe, you need a advice on sports nutrition?

Dietary care plays a big role in our nutrition whether it is day-to-day or for a specific goal and purpose such as after-surgery diets or weight loss diets. With Locum Home, you have the advantage of having dietitians or nutritionists advice and guide you with your diet in you very own home!

Dietary care includes meal plans, nutritional counselling, and guidance on how to eat healthy, but these aspects of dietary care are always tailored to meet your individual needs.

It takes nutritional education and guidance to people with specific needs such as individuals who have just come out of surgery, undergoing cancer treatments, and other chronic conditions like diabetes, kidney disease and more.

This guidance and care in diet is also catered for individuals who have a specific goal in mind such as weight loss, muscle build-up, and more.

Post-Surgery Nutrition

Our diet is an important part of recovery after surgery. The food we intake plays a vital role in healing the body from the stress of surgery. If you’re looking for a speedy recovery, especially one with less chance of complications, diet plays a pivotal role, especially in:

1. Helping your wounds heal

2. Helping to replace blood loss

3. Helping to repair the skin and nerves, and regenerate tissue

4. Providing basic nutrients that the immune system needs to fight infection

5. Helping to increase your energy level

Some after-surgery patients may not be able to take solid foods or have difficulty eating. Some patients may experience a lack of appetite. While these symptoms may pass after a few days, it is important to keep nourished during this period of time. A nutritionist or a dietician are often needed to counsel such patients on the nourishment they will need to heal. These professionals can help patients with meal plans that are tailored to their body’s needs as well as to their preferences and comfort.

You may be wondering what kind of food you can eat after surgery, or perhaps, you are resorting to searching for answers online, but (can we trust online sources?) are not sure if you can trust online sources. Not to worry! We can bring help straight to you. Locum Home can help to make your recovery faster, easier, and safer with our certified and experienced team of dieticians.

Weight- Management

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for health. Not only does keeping an ideal weight lower risk of developing chronic diseases, it is also enhances a person’s quality of life.

While weight management may be a problem due to lifestyle for some people, for others, it could be due to genetics or other causes such as chronic diseases such as bulimia or other diseases. However, having a healthy diet that is suitable to your condition can have a big effect on your weight management.

Locum Home connects you with dieticians who can provide guidelines and meal plans to help you gain, lose, or maintain your weight with nutrition that would promote overall health and wellness. As experts in the field of nutrition, dieticians understand your condition and provide meal plans that you can maintain long-term, and that cater specifically to what your body needs. With a dietician on board your journey to wellness, your progress would be tracked and it would help you to oversee your improvements.